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Hunting knife

Hunting knife
Product name:Hunting knife
Made with highest military quality. Designed to military specifications for attachment to M16 rifles. The knives are very versatile and have proven to be most useful to all outdoor activities for field, defense, survival, fighting and hunting purpose. 

  • Used as a dagger.
  • Used as bayonet installed on rifle.
  • Used as a chopper to chop, cut or split
  • Can cut off wire netting or iron wire that diameter less than 4 mm.
  • Can saw reinforcing steel, iron bars and so on.
  • Can cut lighting circuit.
  • Can tighten up screw with the jut on the knife's sheath.
  • Can open pot with the point of the knife.
  • With an emergency honing stone on sheath.
  • Total weight is 0.95kg, total length is 34cm